To provide a dining experience free of social and economic barriers, to build community relationships while nourishing the soul.

•COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENT • This award recognizes innovative programs or processes between and/or among a local government and other governmental entities, private sector businesses, individuals, or nonprofit agencies to improve the quality of life for residents or provide more efficient and effective services. It's grass roots, it's more than just a meal, it's about coming to the table, serving, listening, sharing ideas, making new acquaintances, and building community. Every event is attended by representatives from the school, the city, and the county, affording easy access to officials.


It’s food for the soul of the community – building stronger communities one meal at a time.

“I see the Sharing Supper as an ever-evolving entity that will continue to enrich the lives of those involved in its existence. The possibilities are endless for community development, education, volunteer opportunities, and making life richer for every person that participates, regardless of their reason for being there. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in this effort and would recommend that the concept of this meal be replicated in communities that wish to challenge themselves to look broader, seek excellence, and reap the benefits of improved community life.”

-Heidi Randall, former Juneau County Aging and Disability Resource Center Director.

“Imagine a few local businesses donating money and manpower to provide a free hot meal for anyone in your community. Imagine your local school offering their cafeteria and commons as the location to host this event. Imagine the event including educational, health, nutrition, entertainment, and kids programs. Imagine residents of all demographics, young and old, male and female, rich and poor, coming and sitting down at tables to discuss issues facing the community while enjoying a meal together. This event is no soup kitchen. Now, imagine your community supporting this event each month for nine consecutive years. Welcome to Sharing Supper.

– Nathan Thiel, Mauston City Administrator